Kitchen & Dining Hall Project

  • $831,755 Raised
  • Remaining

Please partner with us in praying for God’s wisdom and leading in not only this project but for the continuing operation and planning of this significant ministry.

If you have any questions please speak with an FBC board representative, a member of the Executive Committee, or contact the camp office.

The Executive Committee members are Bob Stenzil, Ron Guille, John Nicolas, and Kent Rygiel.

Financial Targets

April 2017

$533,333 REACHED!

June 1, 2018




Design Parameters

  1. Single season facility (June 1 to September 30).

  2. The new facility will be located where the present dining hall and kitchen is located.

  3. The dining hall will have a seating capacity of 150.

  4. The design/build method will be used to complete this project for the 2018 camp ministry season.

  5. Construction to begin by September 2017 with a firm decision to move ahead by April 2017.

  6. The estimated cost is approximately $1.68 million

Board of Directors financing policy

  • By April 1, 2017, 1/3 of the total estimated cost of the project be raised in actual donations or commitments of future donations on an annual basis for up to 10 years. ($533,333)

  • By June 2018, when the project is scheduled to be completed, that a further 1/3 of the funds is raised in either actual donations or commitments. ($533,333)

  • That any needed short term and long term financing be arranged prior to April 1, 2017.

  • Any donations and/or commitments to this project can be sent to the camp office to the attention of our treasurer Myron Fiks: 760 Charleswood Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 1K6

  • All donations and/or commitments will be recorded in a confidential log. If you are making a commitment to donate in the future please be specific as to when it will be received. Pledge cards are available here for individuals who prefer to use them.

The preliminary floor plan drawing below is subject to change. (click for larger view)

Design may not be as shown in the images below. 

Exterior of facility

Inside of facility

Roof off: looking into facility

Individuals who would like to make a donation toward this project should send gifts and commitments to:

Faith Bible Camp

Attention: Myron Fiks

760 Charleswood Rd

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3R 1K6